Informative Reads

Below is a list of my best reads and external websites relating to autsim, that have informed me and helped me along my journey of research, understanding and discovery.

August 2012
1.  – Dr Rimland
6. .
7. Advise for parents of young autistic spectrum children (2004); working paper

Jan – July 2012

8. See how the world support autism by lighting up major building blue for World Autism Day – 2nd April 2012.

9. Great books: Temple Grandin – Thinking in pictures;                                                      Dr Martha Herbert – The Autism revolution

10. Great reference websites: Autism Research Institute –                The Stanley Greenspan floortime approach –

11. Online articles: Advice for parents of young autistic children (2004)

12. Paediatric Psychiatrist Brendan Belsham article on medicating children (2011)




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