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So a little bit about me, slight crazy and really busy mom of three.My oldest son is on the Autistic spectrum and my blog is all about my discoveries of parenting a child with this challenging condition.

I am currently a full time mom and when I get the chance, I do some consulting and writing. I come from a professional background with an established career. Parenting is such a change from a male dominated business environment. Parenting a child with special needs makes it so much more intense. But I love what I do even on those days when I want to run back to my “former life”.

My article pleased to meet you (9 September 2011), has more detail on my family and aim of blog.

p.s My name is Amber Tucker and I hope you enjoy my articles and discovering the path of special needs and Autism with me.

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  1. Hi Amber

    I am also a mom of a special needs child and i have a blog website as well and was looking for other moms that live in south africa. Do you.? i have subscribed to your blog i hope you will do the same for me. Blessings
    Andrea faithgift

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